Monday, August 17, 2009

Junei: You Must Go On/Let's Ride (Pharaohs)

From 1987 a quality indie soul record out of Gary, Indiana (by coincidence the city where Michael Jackson was born). While "You Must Go On" is an atmospheric midtempo number, the flip is a crazy instrumental affair that will stay in your head forever.
you must go on
let's ride

Momie-O: You're Welcome, Stop On By (I Dentify)

A groovy version of Bobby Womack's 1974 hit, sung by Vickie Anderson (real name Myra Barnes), one of the first female singers to work with James Brown. Her husband Bobby Byrd is also backing. With such big names involved, the result could not be anything less than a masterpiece.
you're welcome, stop on by

The Ascots: Let's Seranade Our Love/She's So Indifferent To Me Now (Crazy Cajun)

The Ascots were a trio based in Texas. The album "Color Me Soul" was produced by the veteran producer Huey P. Meaux and was issued in 1978 on his Crazy Cajun Records. Besides the two excellent tracks "Let's Seranade" and "She's So Indifferent", there is more stuff to investigate. Not to be missed by crossover soul enthusiasts.
let's seranade our love
she's so indifferent to me now

Skip Jackson & The Shantons: Promise That You'll Wait (Dot-Mar)

Oh yes, this record is sooo good!!! On side 1 there is a great late 60s Northern Soul dancer, very indemand in the last years. Flip it over and things are even better with this sumptuous ballad. Skip Jackson (real name Tommy Brown) was from Jersey City, NJ and started his career with the Shantons at the end of the fifties, during the Doo-Wop era (and it doesn't sound strange if you listen closely to the backing vocals of "Promise").
promise that you'll wait

The Festivals: Checkin' Out (Blue Rock)

The Festivals were a trio from Dallas discovered by Jerry Ross, one of the key figure in the creation of the Sound of Philadelphia. Earl Moss, the lead singer, did most of the writings. "Checkin' Out" is hidden on the flip of the Northen Soul classic "Hey Girl" but should get more exposure. They had other fine material on Smash and Colossus.
checkin' out