Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fifth Avenue Band: One Way Or The Other (Reprise)

I found this 45 a couple of years ago in a US store for a mere $4, having heard it spun by Keith Money, one of my favourite DJs. They are a white band but this is an absolutely brilliant soul record. Pure class!

El Shobey & Co.: Never Missed What You Got (Shout)

Another crossover gem, this time from New York, with a super catchy groove. This has a lot of potential but did not reach the masses yet. It was issued in 1972 on the mighty Shout label. In the past it got several spins at Italian soul events.

The Triplett Twins: From The Rooter To The Tooter (Jay Pee)

Deep funk fanatics should go crazy for this! Leon and Levi Triplett were from South Side Chicago. Recently CDbaby issued a CD with the classic 70s recording "Get It". By the way, another wonderful label design, methinks.

The Lovations: Later Baby (Cap City)

Ladies and gentlemen, from Washington, DC the lovely Lovations! I discovered this record years ago thanks to a tape I received from soul connoisseur Dave Ripolles. A frantic crossover sound that should be a monster between funky soul lovers.

Virgil Henry: I'll Be True (Colossus)

Written and produced by Ritchie Adams and Jerry Ross, this record stands in the shadows of Virgil Henry's other classic rarity "You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New". A fabulous piece of vinyl, released in New York in 1969.

The Visitors: My Love Is Ready And Waiting (Tangerine)

A Len Jewell Smith production, arranged by Godoy Colbert and issued by Ray Charles' Tangerine Records. This outstanding 45 got some spins in recent times. I am very glad record of this quality are popular in the scene.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jay Poole: I Love You (Mable)

So soulful, it hurts! A record made very popular by Shaun Robbins on Solar Radio's Sunday Soul Selection. Written and produced by Charles Madison, it came out in 1978. A South Carolina recording.

Kris Peterson: Just As Much (Top Dog)

A monster at Stafford (the label gave the name to Dave Thorley's Top Dog Soul club). This is the best release issued by this Detroit label owned by Artie Fields. Kris Peterson had other fine records (especially "Mama's Little Boy") and was guest vocalist with P-Funk and Frank Zappa.

Dee & Joe: Who Is It Gonna Be (Jubilee)

A very good 60s dancer this one, that originally came out on Big Six and then was nationally distributed by Jubilee Records. It was recorded in Detroit and produced by Floyd Jones.

Marie Adams: That's The Way To Get Along (Encore Artists)

Marie Adams started her career in Texas at the beginning of the 50s. She had several records out on Don Robey's Peacock Records and is considered one of the pioneers of R&B. In this particular occasion she is in company of Tommy Dodson. The result is an explosive rhytm & soul masterpiece. The label design is super cool too!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Vaughan: I Need You More (Than Ever Now) (Mainstream)

This time a record by a very famous artist, usually not associated with soul music. The 70s heralded a rebirth in Vaughan's career. In 1971, Bob Shad, who had worked as a producer with Vaughan during her contract with Mercury, asked her to record for his new label, Mainstream. The final result were five albums, including a live in Japan. This uplifting side is arranged by Gene page and shows Sarah's incredible vocal skills.

Gene & Eddie: It's No Sin (Mon'Ca)

From Baltimore, Maryland a duo that had a series of singles on the local Ru-Jac label. This came out in 1970 on Ru-Jac and Mon'Ca and is a well constructed midtempo very popular between the crossover crowd.

The Creations: Just Remember Me (Globe)

A single that was popular at Stafford and another very tasty Windy City production that tells the story of a young soldier leaving his beloved for the Vietnam war. The Creations had several releases on different labels and this is probably the hardest to locate. I am sure all group soul harmony lovers will not miss it!

Keni Lewis: Ain't Gonna Make It Easy (De-Vel)

Written and produced by Gene Dozier and Keni Lewis, this 45 came out in 1973 on a label distributed by the mighty Columbia Records. Keni Lewis, before going solo, was with Eddie Singleton's Shrine Records as a group member (The Cairos/ TheEnjoyables), writer, and arranger. Another highly recommended gem.

21st Century: Shadow Of A Memory (Dot)

21st Century aka The Themes aka Soul Patrol. This band was active under different names in the 60s and 70s in the Los Angeles area. In 1968 they put out this great double sider on Lee Silver's Noel label (the flip is the storming "Coming Right Back"). Later the record was picked up by Dot for national distribution. There is also a stunning version by Minnie Jones on Sugar.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Patti Jo: Ain't No Love Lost (Scepter)

Curtis Mayfield needs no presentation, he has been one of the originators of soul music. This is a great version of one of his classic, sung by a young lady that had another record on Scepter's sister label Wand. It would sound perfect in the soundtrack of a Blaxploitation movie.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bobby Patterson: I Get My Groove From You (Paula)

When Jetstar closed down in 1969 Bobby produced an album on himself and with his own financial backing. He took the tapes to Los Angeles and New York but, on returning to South, he realised that he would be better off with a southern-based company. In 1971 he negotiated a deal with Stan Lewis, president of the increasingly powerful Jewel-Paula complex of labels. The result was one of the best soul albums ever committed to vinyl, containing gems like "Everything Good To You", "I Just Loved You Because I Wanted To", and "I Get My Groove From You". There is also a very good version of the last-named by Bobby Shannon on To-Mar.

High Society: I Can't Believe (U.S.A.)

One of the last records issued by this highly collectable Windy City label, located at 1450 South Michigan, Chicago in an area known as Record Row because of the large amount of record labels based there. A very good midtempo crossover floater with plenty of strings.

David Morris: "Snap" "Crackle" "Pop" (Plush)

David Morris was the lead singer of A Brother's Guiding Light and had other singles under his own name including Midnight Lady on Buddah. This one was recorded live and is a very infectious tune with that groovy organ doing the job.

John Edwards: Spread The News/Messing Up A Good Thing (Aware)

A classic album full of soulful ballads, cut at the Sound Pit, Atlanta, Georgia, with the production of Chicago based Floyd Smith. The tracks we have chosen were both written by Frank Johnson and are superb examples of midtempo magic.

The Royal Esquires: Ain't Gonna Run (Prix)

From Columbus, Ohio a crossover classic that was recorded in 1969. When this was discovered it a was a big ticket item. Then a bunch of copies turned up and now is available at a reasonable price. The label had other interesting releases.

We The People: Whatcha Done For Me, I'm Gonna Do For You (Lion)

This is the flip side of the indemand "Making My Daydream Real". A very good tune too, written and produced by Landy McNeal. The band featured Bill McEachern who was a member of the Odissey.