Saturday, January 7, 2012

Brothers By Choice: Baby, You Really Got Me Going/Girl I Need You Too (Ala) - Oh, Darlin (Ala) - No Time (Fretone)

Brothers By Choice had a brilliant and sought-after album on Ala. They were based in Los Angeles and released some other fine vinyls, like the two 45s posted can testify. On lead vocals is Chuck Higgins assisted by Patty Brooks and Petsy Powell.
baby, you really got me going
girl I need you too
oh, darlin
no time

Satisfaction Unlimited: Let's Change The Subject/Why/Seeing You Through The Eyes Of A Blindman (Hot Wax)

Released in 1972, this obscure album is the last on Hot Wax Records and hides several treasures. "Let's Change The Subject" is a very emotional ballad while "Why" and "Seeing You Through The Eyes Of A Blindman" move at a faster pace. A special mention for the great cover.
let's change the subject
seeing you through the eyes of a blindman

Ty Karim & George Griffin: Keep On Doin' Watcha' Doin' (Part I)/(Part II) - Janette Renee: Whats On Your Mind (Sheridan House)

Los Angeles based Sheridan House Record Group Inc. issued a bunch of singles in the first half of the 80s. Ty Karim & George Griffin duet is a fabulous midtempo groover while "What's On Your Mind" is a credible cover version of George Benson's classic. Cool stuff from the City of Angels.
keep on doin' whatcha' doin' (part I)
keep on doin' whatcha' doin' (part II)
whats on your mind

Satin Dreams: Stay Away From My Lover (Brunswick)

Written and produced by Larry Clark and Lonnie Johnson, this is a strong disco influenced modern soul number. The 12" is much easier to find.
stay away from my lover

Windy City: We Party Heavy Up In Heah/Good Guys Don't Always Win (Innovation II)

This is the second single Windy City had on Innovation II. "We Party..." is a frantic dancer while "Good Guys..." is a marvellous version of Sam Dees' masterpiece. Both sides are produced by Otis Leavill. Chicago Soul at its best!
we party heavy up in heah
good guys don't always win

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Softones & First Class: Laying My Heart On The Line/Candy (Park-Way International)

This album puts together two excellent groups, with the addition of The Jackson Sisters as background vocals. It was produced by George Kerr (Park-Way was George's own label) and Rod Armstrong. Unfortunately it did not sell well so it is quite rare. Both tracks posted are sung by Baltimore's heroes First Class ("Laying..." is a cover version of The Checkmates Ltd and it was written by H.B. Barnum).
laying my heart on the line