Sunday, November 15, 2009

Citation: Inspiration Of My Life (Red Line)

Originating from the Detroit area, this is an infectious stepper with great vocal harmonies. To read the full story about Terrence Forsythe and the group follow the link below
terrence forsythe
inspiration of my life

Donald Wilson: I've Gotta Get Myself Together (Columbia)

Not a floorfiller but simply a fabulous Soul record to satisfy even the most esigent listener. Written and produced in 1969 by John Hill.
I've gotta get myself together

Jean Shy: We've Got A Good Thing Going/You've Got To Take It (Fox Car)

Sweet soulful double sider by an artist still hitting the street, issued in the early 70s. Jean's voice is in great shape. Stunning!
we've got a good thing going
you've got to take it

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Original Drifters: Just Let Your Heart Be Your Guide (Sounds South)

This incarnation of the famous soul band was formed by Bill Pinkney recruiting an Atlanta group called The Teals, right before a European tour when original members left. On returning to the US The Teals broke with Pinkney and continued under the name of The Original Drifters. This 1978 recording is the only one by them and is a stomping dancer.
just let your heart be your guide

"Sensational" Little Doc: Looking For My Baby (Music-GO-Round)

A North Carolina record, issued in 1974. This is the first of four releases only by the Music-GO-Round label. Little Doc's vocals are powerful and the backing band, The Rhythm Express, do their job. Luv it!
looking for my baby

The Spaniels: Maybe (Buddah)

I used to play this record massively many years ago when I purchased a copy after listening to it somewhere. Recently I saw it in a list selling for £75 so I pick it up again, discovering that it still sounds very good. The Spaniels started their career in the '50s and had a long and successful career. This single is a one-off for Buddah and was recorded in 1969. At that time the group consisted of the great Pookie Hudson, Charles Douglas, Alvin Wheeler, Alvin Lloyd, and Pete Simmons.

Karen Small: To Get You Back Again (Venus)

Written and produced by Don Julian, a talented singer, musician, writer, arranger, producer and performer, this is a West Coast record. Set at a slow pace the song is characterized by great vocal harmonies and clean arrangements. Karen Small had another valuable single on the same label titled "Hey Love".
to get you back again

Serena Johnson: All Work & No Play (Big 2)

This is the original version of Vivilore Jordan's Stafford classic on Task. The record comes from Memphis and has a strong Southern feeling, with deep vocals and a funky guitar pushing the song all over. A long time favourite of mine.
all work & no play