Sunday, November 13, 2011

Detroit Emeralds: Long Live The King/Holding On (Westbound)

"Do Me Right" is Detroit Emeralds' debut LP and it was issued in 1971. The group was a vocal trio consisting of two brothers (Abrim and Ivory Tilmon) and childhood friend James Mitchell. Willie Michell was involved in the project (the album was recorded between Memphis and Detroit).
long live the king
holding on

Billy Butler & Infinity: Whatever's Fair/Now You Know (Pride)

As written by Jerry Butler in the liner notes Billy Butler & Infinity are a group of people (Phylis Knox, Erroll Bats, Larry Wade, and Billy Butler) who have known each other most of their lives, who grew up in an area of Chicago known as Cabrini-Green, and who have shared one personal dream: to write and perform beautiful music (we must say they reached their goal!).
whatever's fair
now you know

The Summits: I'll Never Say No/Sleepwalking (DC International)

This is the rarest (and best) record the Summits had on the label. Recently a bunch of copies surfaced in the US. Great, great stuff!
I'll never say no

Cory Braverman: I Saw The Light/Beyond The Hurt (Phantom)

Largely unknown, Cory Braverman had an excellent album on this RCA's subsidiary label. Between the others, she worked with Ray Charles and the Band.
I saw the light
beyond the hurt

The Carltons: Keep On Hoping/I'm A Man (Argo)

The Carltons (members James Diggs, Larry Bell and Jerry Norris) were an offshoot of the Knight Brothers. This is the last of the three singles they had on Argo and it is produced by master Billy Davis.
keep on hoping
I'm a man