Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Washington & Don Gardner: Carefree/We're Gonna Make It Big (Master Five)

Issued in 1973, the album is made of duets and tracks sung by each single artist. It was recorded between New York, Philly and Detroit so you know what to expect. Don Gardner's "We're Gonna Make It Big" is hard on 45 and was played at Blackpool Mecca.
we're gonna make it big

Freedom: Can't You See/Sunshine (Freedom)

Freedom had three albums on Malaco between 1979 and 1981. This is the self-produced debut single and it was recorded in Jackson, Mississipi, where the band was formed by lead guitarist Caleb Tyrone Armstrong, a student at Wingfield High School, and bass player Ray Smith, a student at Jackson State College.
can't you see

Tomorrow's Men: Who's That Lady/It's Real (Congress)

Sharing the same backing track with El Anthony's "We've Been In Love Too Long" on La Cindy, I prefer this later version for its better arrangement, made by a certain Donny Hathaway, and superior vocal harmonies. The flip is extremely good too.
who's that lady
it's real

The Vipers: Little Miss Sweetness (Duchess)

The lead vocalist of this side of the record is Al Goodman, best known for his career with The Moments (sadly he passed away in 2010). The song has a powerful start that captures listener's attention immediately and continues with a funkish rhythm. Very, very nice.
little miss sweetness