Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gene Townsel: I'm Walking Away/There's No Use Hiding (Dobre)

Gene Townsel started his singing career in Florida. After finishing college he moved to California where, thanks to his technical musical skills, he did a lot of studio work with celebrated stars like Dusty Springfield, Lou Rawls, Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, Jimmy Holidays, and H.B. Barnum. In the early 70s he had enough material for a solo album that was recorded in 1975 at Ray Charles's Tangerine Studios. The record remained in the can for three years and was released by Dobre, a Californian Jazz label started by Ray Lawrence. Commercially it was a failure (only few copies were pressed). Gene produced the album himself and contracted all the musicians involved (between the others, Stevie Wonder's drummer Raymond Pounds and the great Clydene Jackson). Today he's still performing live and conducts singers workshops. For more info follow this link
I'm walking away
There's no use hiding

Brothers Unlimited: Got To Get Over/Take Me Back (Capitol)

As shown in the picture on the back cover of the album, Brothers Unlimited were a 14 piece group (8 musicians, 4 vocalists, the producer and one friend!) based in the deep South of the United States. Their sound was presented as "real fine, funky, hard-driving, up-tempo, contemporary, down-home, nitty-gritty solid soul from Muscle Shoals and Memphis". That's clear enough, right? Despite being on a major label like Capitol Records, original copies are hard to find.
Got to get over
Take me back

William Bostic: What You Do To Me/You Were All I Needed (Sor)

From Richmond, California a nice 80s production that got air plays at both modern soul and boogie clubs. Check out the super funky break before the modulation that will make the crowd go crazy. On the contrary the flip side is a fine ballad.
What you do to me
You were all I needed

Judy Storey: Sun Is Always Shining (Stage Productions)

Judy Storey was a commercial jingle vocalist performing on many national spots for radio and tv advertisers. She recorded this undervalued single, which features the work of famous Chicago producer and arranger Bobby Schiff, with her female trio "Sweetening".
Sun is always shining

Vic Marcel: You Still Got Me (Rca)

This is my favourite single Vic Marcel did for Rca. It was produced by Stroud Productions (Andy Stroud was Nina Simone's husband and recording agent during the 60s) and is a dreamy song with a very emotional crescendo.
You still got me