Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gene Townsel: I'm Walking Away/There's No Use Hiding (Dobre)

Gene Townsel started his singing career in Florida. After finishing college he moved to California where, thanks to his technical musical skills, he did a lot of studio work with celebrated stars like Dusty Springfield, Lou Rawls, Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, Jimmy Holidays, and H.B. Barnum. In the early 70s he had enough material for a solo album that was recorded in 1975 at Ray Charles's Tangerine Studios. The record remained in the can for three years and was released by Dobre, a Californian Jazz label started by Ray Lawrence. Commercially it was a failure (only few copies were pressed). Gene produced the album himself and contracted all the musicians involved (between the others, Stevie Wonder's drummer Raymond Pounds and the great Clydene Jackson). Today he's still performing live and conducts singers workshops. For more info follow this link
I'm walking away
There's no use hiding

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flux_is_krux said...

"I'm walking away" never really lifts, same goes with the b side. nothing wrong here, but nothing special either. Big thumbs up though for this man's ability and energy to pull an album together! will check out your latest posts later, thanks!