Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dee Dee Warwick: Fire In My Heart/What Does It Take (Sutra)

Dee Dee has always been a favourite of mine. Even if she had a great voice, at least as good as that of Dionne, she never received the acclamation of her famous sister. The album was recorded at Nashville in 1984 and is worth a listening, not just for the nice cover of an all time classic.
fire in my heart
what does it take

City Limits: Words Without Love (Tsop)

Another gem born at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia. City Limits were a quartet consisting of Terri Wells, Clayton Wortham, Ronald Richardson, and Vickilyn Reynolds. This album only track comes from their sole album "Circles" and is a superb mid-70's dancer.
words without love

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Billy Boomer: You Can't Hide/I Like What She's Doin' (Blast)

If you are into 80s soul this marvellous double sider should not miss in your collection! Beside the super cool label, both sides are good enough to attract the attention of a discernig crowd. The use of electronic is competent and does not collide with the intensity of vocals.
you can't hide
I like what she's doin'

Gene Middleton: No One To Love Me (Funk Factory)

According to Sir Hambling's Deep Soul Heaven, Gene Middleton was from Florida. This is the 4th and last single of his short career. The sound is raw and funky as suggested by the name of the record company on the label. His warm voice is very appreciated by Southern Soul lovers.
No one to love me

The Profiles: I Still Love You (Bamboo)

This is the best release by the Profiles on Bamboo. The label was located at 1321 South Michigan, Chicago, and had a big hit in 1969 with Mel and Tim's "Backfield In Motion". Issued in the same year, "I Still Love You" is a good example of what was going on in the soul land at the turn of the decade. If you are into crossover this little great record should satisfy your soul.
I still love you