Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dee Dee Warwick: Fire In My Heart/What Does It Take (Sutra)

Dee Dee has always been a favourite of mine. Even if she had a great voice, at least as good as that of Dionne, she never received the acclamation of her famous sister. The album was recorded at Nashville in 1984 and is worth a listening, not just for the nice cover of an all time classic.
fire in my heart
what does it take


Goswin said...

Don´t dig "What does it take" so much because it has somewhat of a synthetical sound to me.

But "Fire in my heart" is a nice happy dancer.



flux_is_krux said...

have a great summer!!! :-)

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Stefano, ci siamo permessi di linkare il tuo splendido blog fra i nostri hai qualcosa in contrario faccelo sapere...
complimenti per l'ottimo sound!



Stefano Oggiano said...

nessun problema, anzi, grazie!
Ho aggiunto anch'io il link al vostro sito.