Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Exportations: Fell In Love Too Late (United Artists)

The Exportations were a five member group made up of three brothers (Arthur, Willie and Bernard, The Gibson Brothers), Anthony Pilgrim and Lucian Thomas.
The album was recorded in Detroit under the production of Clarence Rome and is a collection of solid harmonies (favourite tracks are "Strange Sensations", "Main Ingredient" and "You've Been A Long Time Coming").
Clarence Rome was also involved in the highly collectable single "I Want You" on Vir-Ro.
fell in love too late

O'Jays Meet The Moments: Be My Girl/Meeting You Was No Mistake (Stang)

Despite being a commercial failure, there is more than one good reason for searching this album, assembled by Stang with tracks by these two great vocal groups.
Some of the O'Jays sides were cut in Cleveland for Saru Records, and a couple were produced by George Kerr.
the o'jays - be my girl
the moments - meeting you was no mistake

Leno Phillips: Confusion (Dash)

The Miami sound of T.K. is synonymous of classy stuff, as testified by this brilliant midpacer. It is the third single issued by Dash, a T.K. subsidiary that started in 1971.
Leno Phillips actual name was Phillip Wright, Betty Wright's brother. He had two other 45s on Dash, one as Leno Phillips titled "I Like My Birdie" and the other as Phillip Wright. Both have been reissued by Jazzman Gerald.

Leon Thomas: Love Each Other (Flying Dutchman)

Leon Thomas was a soul jazz singer from East St. Louis, Illinois. He played with Pharoah Sanders and released several albums with the legendary Flying Dutchman Records.
This disc is from 1972 and is a great modern soul dancer with that special funky beat so in vogue these days.
love each other

Toe Jam: Freedom In Soul (Buffalo Soldier)

An obscure record from Arizona, that was issued in 1972 on a private label whose name came from the nickname of the famous US Army Afro-American regiment.
Not an immediate sound but after some plays you will be captured by its crystalline melody.
freedom in soul