Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spanky Wilson: Easy Lover (Westbound)

A legendary vocalist with a cult following between jazz, funk and soul fanatics. "Easy Lover" was written and produced by Al Kent and has a strong Detroit connection. A top tune, huge at Soul Essence. Another goodie from the album is the title track "Specialty Of The House".
easy lover

The Voices Of East Harlem: Take A Stand (Just Sunshine)

Formed in East Harlem (that's simple!), The Voices Of East Harlem were a vocal group made of up to 20 members. This album only track comes from the stunning 4th LP "Can You Feel It?" and it was written and produced by his majesty Leroy Hutson.
take a stand

The Tams: This Precious Moment (Sounds South)

Rare modern soul from this group who had several R&B hits in the 60s. This one was recorded in 1978 at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and became a firm favourite in South Carolina. The flip side is a decent remake of the classic "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me".
this precious moment

Arthur Adams: I Can't Believe My Eyes (Blue Thumb)

A record available for a few dollars but quality wise a true gem. It is from Arthur's first album "Private Tonight". Arthur Wright was born in Tennessee but in the late 60s moved to Los Angeles where he begun his career.
I can't believe my eyes

Judson Moore: Everybody Push And Pull (Capri)

This powerful crossover from the Windy City has received regular air plays over the years. It was recorded in 1970 and with its funky rhythm and catchy vocals still sounds great. The label had other interesting releases.
everybody push and pull

Friday, March 13, 2009

Collins And Collins: You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good (A&M)

One of the best 80s soul album, recorded at Sigma Sound Sudios and mastered at Frankford-Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia. The opening side "Top Of The Stairs" is a big tune on the modern scene but this infectious midtempo has a great following too.
you know how to make me feel so good