Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crosswind: Fire (It's Getting Hot) (Harbor City)

A superb 12" from Philadelphia, produced by Billy Butler and arranged by Al Johnson, two old foxes with a pedrigree. Based on a catchy melody, it has written 'hit' on it but unfortunately things went different. Raved by top dj Soul Sam, a man with good taste.

Donald Albert: The Hardest Part (Run-A-Way)

This extremely soulful version of Curtis Anderson' s rarity on Brown Bag has received a lot of attention on the modern scene. It was issued in the late 80s on a 12" and like the Crosswind track of the previous review shows us how many good tracks come from that period.
the hardest part

Love, Peace & Happiness: Strip Me Naked (Rca)

Probably the best track from the classic album "Love Is Stronger" (not forgetting "Lonely Room"), this small masterpiece is starting to get the attention it deserves. The band was a trio that featured the brothers Melvin and Leslie Wilson plus Ann Bogan from Michigan. A real grower produced by Harvey Fuqua.
strip me naked

Cam Cameron: They Say (Capri)

Another fine record from this tiny label operating in Chicago. I have the red label but a cream coloured copy exists too. The song is built up on a solid drum pattern, with simple but good vocals. Occasionally played out, it is very appreciated by the crossover brigade.
they say

Eddie Bo: Our Love (Will Never Falter) (Blue Jay)

Eddie Bo passed away on March 18, 2009. As a tribute to his unbelievable career nothing can be better than this record. Issued in 1965, it sums up all the ingredients of Eddie's work. Led by a funky guitar that explodes in a wild solo near the end, this is the cream of New Orleans Soul. Rest in Peace, Eddie.
our love (will never falter)