Saturday, February 21, 2009

Willie Tee: I Can Feel It (United Artists)

Willie Tee, although typical of the New Orleans soul sound, is a cult figure among Beach Music fans in the Carolinas. Despite a long list of 45s for different labels (Atlantic, Nola, Gatur, Capitol, etc.), he recorded only two LPs under his name. This is the highlight of the second one and has a cool club attitude.
I can feel it

Hoodoo Rhythm Devils: Gotta Lot Of Love In My Soul (Fantasy)

The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils were a white duo made up of Joe Cranes and Glenn Waters. They came from the San Francisco bay area and released several albums. This single was recorded and remixed at Wishbone Recording Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Lovely 70s stuff.
gotta lot of love in my soul

Willie Rogers: Everything You Touch (Turns To Love) (AMG)

From Cincinnati, Ohio a funky soul groover on a label that operated from 1975 to 1978. Starting with a lilting piano, the song has a solid rhythm with great bass lines and congas. Plenty of stop and go make adrenaline rise and create a "sweaty" atmosphere. For all funk soul brothers, check out also "Wake Up" on Ronn.
everything you touch

Lee Bates: (What Am I Gonna Do) What Am I Gonna Say (IX Chains)

Known for his Northern Soul classic "Why Don't You Write" that was spun at Stafford, Lee Bates is one of many great artists originating from New Orleans. The record was printed by Instant on a local basis then on the mighty IX Chains (as far as I know only promos are available in this format).
what am I gonna say

Tommie Young: Hit And Run Lover/She Don't Have To See You (Soul Power)

Claimed to be the new Aretha (how many times have we heard this story?), Tommie Young made this rare album in 1973 thanks to Bobby Patterson, who wrote and produced the whole thing in association with Jerry Strickland. To represent the different styles of this Southern Soul masterpiece I have chosen the classic dancer "Hit And Run Lover" and the fine deep ballad "She Don't Have To See You", one for real soul lovers.
hit and run lover
she don't have to see you

Odyssey 5: Peace Of Mind (Brc)

Starting from the catchy cover, this LP is another gift from the beloved Brunswick Record Corporation. Odyssey 5 were five beautiful young ladies from the state of North Carolina. Alonzo Tucker produced the album.
peace of mind

Mellaa: Free/Makin' Love In The Fast Lane (Larc)

I found a demo of this 1983 record digging in a basement in South Side Chicago. Nevertheless what I was looking for was the issue because of the dancer "Free" on the b side. Luckily ebay came to my rescue when some copies surfaced in sunny California. Both sides are excellent so play them loud.
makin' love in the fast lane

Jackey Beavers: Bring Me All Your Heartaches (Grand Land)

A crossover anthem from a well respect singer and a prime mover of the Detroit soul scene. Written by himself, this single sold poorly when it came out but soon was picked up by the Northern Soul crowd. In 1976 Robert L. Beavers left his career to the church.
bring me all your heartaches

The Themes: Bent Out Of Shape (Minit)

A 1966 record that sounds ahead of its time. The Themes were a great vocal group with a bunch of 45s under different names (The Corduroys, 21st Century, Soul Patrol). A Lee Silver's production out of the City of Angels. If you like harmonic soul this is pure silk.
bent out of shape