Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tommie Young: Hit And Run Lover/She Don't Have To See You (Soul Power)

Claimed to be the new Aretha (how many times have we heard this story?), Tommie Young made this rare album in 1973 thanks to Bobby Patterson, who wrote and produced the whole thing in association with Jerry Strickland. To represent the different styles of this Southern Soul masterpiece I have chosen the classic dancer "Hit And Run Lover" and the fine deep ballad "She Don't Have To See You", one for real soul lovers.
hit and run lover
she don't have to see you


flux_is_krux said...

The uptempo "Hit And Run Lover" is more in my taste but both are good tracks... thanks for sharing.

Goswin said...

"Hit And Run Lover" is a classic indeed. But the ballad is fine as well.