Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hodges, James And Smith: You Take My Love For Granted/If You Wanna Love Me (20th Century)

After a couple of excellent singles on Mpingo as Hodges, James, Smith and Crawford ("I'm In Love" and "Let's Pick Up The Pieces", here uploaded as a bonus), when Carolyne Crawford left, this Los Angeles based group became a trio. Despite its quality, their debut album was a commercial failure due to lack of promotion. Luckily, many years later it has become a favourite between collectors.
I'm in love
let's pick up the pieces
you take my love for granted
if you wanna love me

Pioneers: I'll Treasure The Moments/You're My Kind Of Woman (Mercury)

The Pioneers are a popular reggae trio, with plenty of titles in their discography. This album was issued in 1976 and is full of soul/disco numbers written and produced by Eddie Grant. The best for me are the dancer "I'll Treasure The Moments" and the slowie "You're My Kind Of Woman", not forgettin "Broken Man" and the title track. Jamaica got Soul!
p.s. I have removed the album cover because someone found it offensive!
I'll treasure the moments
you're my kind of woman

Channel 3: The Sweetest Thing/Someone Else's Arm (Dakar)

This is the Chicago Sound! A record that needs no presentation, played at many soul venues through the years. The issue copy is much rarer but it's the one to have because of the fine ballad on the B side, a top version of Barbara Acklin's classic (not forgetting it's on vinyl and not crappy styrene).
the sweetest thing
someone else's arm

Demo Cates: Memories Of Moments (D.&K.Lewis)

This is the title track od Demo Cates' second album and is a Canadian release. Native of Detroit, Demo had a long career behind him as producer, arranger, songwriter, musician, and vocalist (he was one of the founder of The Counts in 1968). A very sophisticated record, with super cool jazzy arrangements.
memories of moments

Rumpus: My Love's Gonna Getcha (Dash)

An exciting dancer out of Miami, Florida. The song is based on a solid rhythm and catchy melodies, with great vocal harmonies too. The grand finale is a piano solo, too short to be really effective. Another goodie for the collection!
my love's gonna getcha