Sunday, March 28, 2010

Master Force: Hey Girl/Don't Fight The Feeling (Rain Forest)

From the Big Apple this is the first release on Rain Forest Records. It is built on an airy groove sustained by a funky guitar and bongos. Check out also the brilliant boogie soul on the flipside.
hey girl
don't fight the feeling

David Nevin: You're For Me (Pardner)

Considered David Nevin's rarest 45 on the Pardner label, this fine midtempo has a catchy bassline and an effective sax break that pushes the song till the end. A competent tribute the golden era of soul music.
you're for me

Africano: Open Your Hearts (Hi)

On the legendary Memphis label, this record overwhelms you like a flood. They had another single on Hi but I prefer this one. A solid, compact sound blending together soul and funk to great effect.
open your hearts

Chuck Overton: Is It Possible/I'm So Thankful (Kapp)

This is one of the last releases on Kapp and was issued in 1970. Both sides are equally good: "Is This Possible" is a subtle crossover, using the same backing as The Perfections's "Get On Down" on Tri-City, while "I'm So Thankful" is a vibrant soul cut, with great vocals and powerful arrangements.
is it possible
I'm so thankful

Shirley & The Shirelles: Looking Glass (Bell)

Another lovely record from these ladies, in the same vein of theirs great interpretation of "Never Give You Up" (see previous post). Also in this occasion Shirley Alston Reeves's voice is in great shape. File under quality soul.
looking glass