Saturday, June 19, 2010

Classic Example: Hey There Little Girl/Just Another Lonely Night (GSF)

An extremely good album all the way through, with ten gems in a row. It was produced in 1972 by William "Mickey" Stevenson and Curtis Colbert on the same label that delivered us the Skull Snaps' masterpiece. The musicians involved are of the highest order: Paul Humphrey on drums, Wilton Felder on bass, Arthur Adams on guitar, and Joe Sample on piano, plus The Firm Of Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford on vocals. Don't miss this one!
hey there little girl
just another lonely night

Baby Washington: I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/It's All Over But The Crying (Veep)

Two lesser known tracks by Baby Washington from her album "With You In Mind", issued in 1968. The first is a catchy dancer (this one was spun over the years by Richard Searling) while the second is a midpacer, for more reflective moments. Classy stuff.
I got it bad and that ain't good
it's all over but the crying

Danny Williams: All Those Lies/Rat Race (Musical Energy)

I first heard this on a fantastic tape I received from Dave Ripolles after a visit in Manchester many years ago. Originating from the Bay Area, it is a catchy tune with a great piano and a solid rhythm section. Musical Energy was a tiny label with only two releases, both by Danny Williams (1977-78). As a bonus on the A side there is a tasty funk.
all those lies
rat race

Marva Whitney: Don't Let Our Love Fade Away (Excello)

I have been after this single for a long, long time. It is not particularly rare but, you know, is one of those many records that are difficult to find. It is a different version of her 45 on Forte (see previous post). Definitely one of my favourite artist on one of my favourite Southern labels.
don't let our love fade away

George Perkins: I'm So Glad You're Mine (Royal Shield)

Issued in 1974 on Royal Shield, this song is a fine piece of crossover soul. The funny story is that the label originated from the owner of the insurance company where Perkins was working in the early 70s. During his career he released a handful of great deep soul records, not forgetting the modern soul indemander "Keep On Tryin" as Fir-Ya, the name of his backing band.
I'm so glad you're mine