Saturday, February 6, 2010

The New Jersey Sound of Strutt: an interview with Carmen Cosentino

Some months ago we had the pleasure to present the brilliant "Funky Sign" from their album. Now it's time for a full interview with guitarist and band leader Carmen Cosentino, realized before Christmas. Formed in New Jersey in late 1973, Strutt was a great disco-funk band signed briefly to the Brunswick label. Produced by Benny Clark the LP "Time Moves On" includes several fine tracks like the crossover indemander "Said You Didn't Love Him", that was issued in Italy too, and the soulful midpacer "If Wishing Made It So".
Carmen was so kind to send also some pictures taken in the studio during the recording sessions.
You can download this exclusive interview here
said you didn't love him
if wishing made it so

Jimmy Burns: Did It Ever Cross Your Mind (Minit)

Hidden on the flip side of the crossover classic "I Tried", this is funk&soul at its best and should be appreciated by more open minded soulies. Like the Tyrone Davis record, it is produced by Barry Despenza and has a very similar sound (it came out one year later, in 1969). Powerful soul!
did ie ever cross your mind

Tyrone Davis: What If A Man/Bet You Win (Abc)

Issued in 1968 right before his successful career at Dakar, this double sider is almost unknown to the masses. It is produced by Barry Despenza, at that time the Midwest A&R director for Los Angeles based Abc Records. "What If A Man" is a frantic number, with wild arrangements, while "Bet You Win" is more melodic and anticipates the future style of Tyrone.
what if a man
bet you win

Jesse Potter & The Fabulairs: Now I Think Am Ready (Big G)

A record that recently received some attention due to its funky soul rhythm so in vogue now. Played out by Soul Sam it is a sure floorshaker with infectious guitar riff and amazing bass lines. Another little gem indeed.
now I think am ready

Marva W. Taylor: Nothing I'd Rather Be Than Your Weakness (Forte)

This is the great Marva Whitney under a different name. In this particular occasion Soul Sister #1 delivers us a lovely crossover sound that basically is a re-edition of her 1973 single on Excello "Don't Let Your Love Fade Away" (by the way, if you have a spare copy give me a call).
nothing I'd rather be