Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hodges, James And Smith: You Take My Love For Granted/If You Wanna Love Me (20th Century)

After a couple of excellent singles on Mpingo as Hodges, James, Smith and Crawford ("I'm In Love" and "Let's Pick Up The Pieces", here uploaded as a bonus), when Carolyne Crawford left, this Los Angeles based group became a trio. Despite its quality, their debut album was a commercial failure due to lack of promotion. Luckily, many years later it has become a favourite between collectors.
I'm in love
let's pick up the pieces
you take my love for granted
if you wanna love me

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flux_is_krux said...

"I'm in love" is punchy, and great attitude..."you take my love for granted" is great , a potential floor filler... wish it was a little longer...nice group! thanks