Sunday, April 19, 2009

Odyssey: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love/Battened Ships (Mowest)

Not to be confused with the New York based group of the same name, this Odyssey were a small band out of California. The album is sought after for these two movers, especially the latin-tinged "Battened Ships" that was not released on 45. The Mowest label was handled by the West Coast office of Motown.
our lives are shaped by what we love
battened ships


flux_is_krux said...

battened ships = Great! Fantastic vocals, great horn section, Love it. I am not sure what you mean latin-tinged, but it´s a great modern! :-)

Stefano Oggiano said...

the rhythm of battened ships is definetely latin (and that's not strange since the band originated from California)

Goswin said...

Battened Ships is a GREAT piece of music.

Thanks a lot.