Monday, August 17, 2009

Skip Jackson & The Shantons: Promise That You'll Wait (Dot-Mar)

Oh yes, this record is sooo good!!! On side 1 there is a great late 60s Northern Soul dancer, very indemand in the last years. Flip it over and things are even better with this sumptuous ballad. Skip Jackson (real name Tommy Brown) was from Jersey City, NJ and started his career with the Shantons at the end of the fifties, during the Doo-Wop era (and it doesn't sound strange if you listen closely to the backing vocals of "Promise").
promise that you'll wait


Goswin said...

Great track. Really hits me when the horn section kicks in at the beginning.



flux_is_krux said...

I guess this is the definition of great northern soul... although I am more into modern soul I appreciate this song. :_)