Monday, November 15, 2010

Directions: I Want To Be Your Special Man/We Need Love/She'll Never Say It (Brunswick)

This long playing is considered one of the rarest item on Brunswick, definitely one of my favourite labels. It came out in 1976 but the sound seems to be three years earlier (and maybe for this reason it was a commercial failure). Recorded in the Windy City of Chicago, it is full of outstanding music as proved by the three tracks posted here. The group was made of five singers (the Directions) and six musicians (the Direction Band). My copy is signed by percussionist Jimmie Ellison, with a special dedication to a certain Sheila.
I want to be your special man
we need love
she'll never say it


flux_is_krux said...

I had this album on my drive since before.. and indeed you really picked the best songs on it... exuberant sound.. and vocals. also really fancy the instrumental version of "we need love".

happy holidays! please educating us, peace.

btw..take a listen to coco & ben - "see the world" I found a mp3. do you like it have you heard it before? I love the sound!

I know, the file could be cleaned/trimmed , but you probably will not find the actual 7''...very scarce ;-)


Stefano Oggiano said...

New to me but a great side too. What a double sider!