Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mavis Staples: It Makes Me Wanna Cry (Volt)

The excepional lead voice of the Staple Singers from her second album, issued in 1970 by Volt. Produced by Detroit legend Don Davis and arranged by Horace Ott, it is a fine collection of orchestrated ballads about loneliness and desperation. Deep soul and then some!


flux_is_krux said...

Great deep soul my friend. I am more into uptempo modern soul but i do like this one too... her voice reminds me of Alex Brown, man you have a nice blog here do you know alex brown, the album is really difficult to find as far as mp3 goes the single can be found. have you heard Alex Brown - Not responsible? Brilliant midtempo

Listen here:

btw do you know the soul spectrum compilations? I love the stuff on them.

Stefano Oggiano said...

Alex Brown is absolutely brilliant!
I have seen the album only once; I know a collector here that has a copy.
The 2 soul spectrum compilations are very nice, I love that type of sound. Keb Darge has a great taste!

flux_is_krux said...

Great Stefano... seems we are into the same type of sound :-)

What i like about compilations like the soul spectrums is that you can almost (not always) be sure the best track from the album is on... for example Solid Gold Revue... the other songs on the lp are good but not as brilliant as "She´s so good"!