Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Soul Children: We're Gettin' Too Close (Stax)

Rated by connoisseurs as one of the best soul albums ever made, it is a privilege to own a copy of this masterpiece. Written and produced by Homer Banks and Carl Hampton, 'We're Gettin' Too Close' is the side popular between soul club goers. The band formed in Memphis at the end of the 60s under the supervision of Isaac Hayes and David Porter.

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Goswin said...

With this tune you really bring a BIG smile to my face. You know, I learned to love soul at some excellent parties from a german Soul DJ collective called "The Soulful Shack" back in the end of the 80ies/beginning 90ies. Michael Reinboth, who dj´ed at Baltic Soul in 2008 was one of these guys.

At one gig I won a tape from them (they always had a little tombola where you could win some nice things, posters, tapes, etc.) and this gem was on the tape.

Unfortunately I lost the cover of the tape and since then I always had that sound in my ear but couldn´t find it anywhere.

So I send some BIG hugs to Milano for bringing a lot of sweet memories back.


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